• Location
    • France
  • Date Posted
  • May. 25, 2021
  • Function
  • Life Sciences R&D
  • Sector
  • Fintech

Who we are

Hello there, we’re Alan.

Wait… what is Alan?

Alan exists to reimagine the health system by creating a better experience centered on the user. Alan is a subscription to better living, where health is a part of the way you want to live, not a restriction on your way of living. Alan is your friend in health and your partner in the system.

We started by creating the first digital health insurance company in Europe! Specifically, we’re the first new insurance in France since… 1986! And we’ve raised more than €125m in less than four years from leading investors such as Index Ventures, Temasek and DST Global Partners.

The challenge

The role of the Care Ops is to support the Care Community around tooling, processes, and data with the aim of improving the efficiency of User Care Experts. The Care Ops person will be accountable for Care operational excellence and efficiency so that the Community can scale without any trade-off on user experience.

Care Ops position would be closely working with both Care, Ops, Data and Product teams.

The Care Ops would be responsible of:

  • I) building accurate forecasts on our ability to handle the workload & metrics in collaboration with Data,  leading analysis of those, transparently sharing & reporting them
  • Ii) continuously identifying improvement opportunities and leading implementation when needed, in Care tools, processes and performance

1/ Data

  • Build metrics in collaboration with Data to support Care Community
  • Improve current forecast of incoming traffic Build dashboards on User Care Experts performance
  • Analyze, share & report them
  • Document main data concepts and familiarize Care Co members with those

2/ Product & processes

  • Identified areas where processes don’t scale and prioritize the ones needing to be fixed/automated/externalizedIdentify improvement opportunities in current processes within the organisation, test them in collaboration with Care Co, implement and track them
  • Express Care Efficiency needs to the Product teamDrive decision making with Product team on scaling processes vs scaling tools vs building product
  • Lead explorations to improve members delights (phone support,...)

3/ Tooling and automation

  • Is the owner of Intercom, identify improvements in our usage of Intercom, implement those in collaboration with Care Community
  • Lead the transition to an internal tool
  • Identify missing tools for the Care community to increase efficiency, test and lead implementation of such tools

The Alan Method

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that translate into our approach to work:

  • We solve big problems, quickly, with focus
  • We tell and share everything
  • We grow as individuals while we are developing the company
  • We are also willing to offer Alaners a stimulating environment for people to focus on the essential: their work.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages, along with meaningful equity
  • A great healthcare program (yes, Alan)
  • Flexible and remote work environment