Ari Helgason

Ari Helgason

With Joris Van Der Gucht of Silverfin

Ari has been a close and supportive partner, helping us scale. He brings a sound expertise in how to build fast-growing enterprise companies in Europe to become global leaders.
Pedro Bados,

CEO and Founder of Nexthink

In Conversation

How do you see software reshaping industries?

ARI – By massively increasing productivity or boosting automation, companies can operate in ways that were impossible before. ClauseMatch, for example, does regulatory automation for banks. It sounds boring, but a key reason financial service companies can’t innovate faster is all the compliance requirements that are in place. ClauseMatch automates that work, letting companies move faster with higher confidence and less risk. X is another example, allowing large enterprises to take more IT risks. I like software products that may not look sexy, but actually enable large scale, fast-paced change.

How has your background as an entrepreneur and your experience with Y Combinator shaped you as an investor?

ARI –Successful entrepreneurs need empathy for their users, and as an investor, you need empathy for entrepreneurs. I’ve been on that journey myself, as have a lot of my close friends. Experience running and operating a startup gives you insight and appreciation into what actually goes into making the sausage, as it were, and what things go on inside an early stage company.

Ari is a former entrepreneur with both an operating and investing background. He’s excited about the way software fundamentally reshapes industries and his investment focus is on enterprise software / SaaS and fintech across all stages. He especially enjoys working with founders as they navigate the early stages of scaling a business.

Before joining Index, Ari was at Dawn Capital in London where he invested in and worked with SaaS and open source companies in Europe and the US. Prior to that, Ari co-founded both the SaaS workflow management company WOAH Sales and ecommerce startup Fabricly—the former right out of university.

Ari holds a B.Sc. in international relations (first class) from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is an alumnus of Y Combinator and regularly spends time in San Francisco and New York.

Ari has worked with leaders at ClauseMatch, Nexthink, and Silverfin.