Jess Bell-Allen


In Conversation

What is your personal investment strategy?

Jess — I am heavily invested in my wardrobe. While I’m all too aware that this isn’t what one might call a fiscally sound strategy, it is consistent with a longstanding passion in my life — fashion. From an early age I was selecting and styling my own outfits (admittedly with varying degrees of success), and have since built out a network in the fashion industry that has even led me to Paris Fashion Week. In joining the Index team, I was particularly excited by the strength of the fashion & luxury portfolio, and Danny’s perception of fashion as “the cultural lubricant that breaks down barriers” really resonates with me.

Fitness — particularly boutique fitness — is booming right now. What excites you about this trend?

Jess — Participating! I’m the first to jump on the latest workout bandwagon: Barry’s, SoulCycle, Rumble Boxing, F45 — you name it, I do it. Beyond this, I’m interested in the ecosystem that’s developing around fitness. Athleisure is an enduring, growing fashion trend. By leveraging social media platforms, workout instructors are becoming influencers in their own right, providing brands with additional avenues for marketing. These fitness brands are building communities, and with so much of our lives increasingly taking place online, I believe that this will only become more valuable over time.

Jess joined Index Ventures in 2018 as part of our network development team, where she is responsible for helping Index engage and expand its network of entrepreneurs and executives.

Prior to joining the firm, Jess worked in the TMT investment banking division of Goldman Sachs in both the Sydney and San Francisco Offices. During her time in the San Francisco office, Jess worked with the Dropbox team on their IPO, as well as advising on a variety of public and private financings for a number of other tech companies. While in Sydney, she advised on a number of large public M&A transactions in the telecommunications and gaming sectors. Jess graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor's in commerce and economics, including one semester of study at Bocconi University in Milan.