Index IO Terms and Conditions


Index IO is a secure platform proprietary to the Index Ventures group.

The contents of this platform are private and confidential and users agree to these stated terms of and conditions of usage and in particular that matters discussed between users of the platform should be not shared outside the platform without Index Ventures’ express permission.  

The platform is accessible solely via interfaces created by Index Ventures and includes user authentication, access controls, user permissions, data encryption and a secure protected database. Although these facilities provide a high level of protection, total security of the website cannot be guaranteed. Access to the platform via these interfaces, which is not in accordance with user permissions granted, shall constitute an infringement of Index Ventures proprietary rights, who shall be entitled to take appropriate action as necessary against the concerned infringer.


Information held on Index IO will not be protected from the normal rules of disclosure in legal proceedings or from seizure of documentation by regulatory or other authorities in any jurisdiction in which the document is held, opened or accessible, whether permanently or temporarily. Rules of legal privilege may be different in different jurisdictions.


You agree to be responsible for use made of all user passwords allocated to you and your nominated users. You and your users must keep the passwords strictly confidential, and notify us immediately if any are lost or stolen or disclosed to anyone who is not a user, or if any user leaves your employment or you believe the security is threatened in any way.


User agree to the use of their LinkedIn profiles for the purpose of this platform sharing experience.


All liability, including liability for negligence, which might arise from usage, reliance on and /or access to Index IO, is hereby excluded.