We're excited to announce our investment in Rec Room, a vibrant and growing virtual community where you can play with new and old friends from all around the world. Damir Becirovic shares how they created one of the most immersive and diverse VR experiences.

When I first met Nick, the co-founder and CEO of Rec Room, I was struck by his incredibly compelling vision for a world where people could have infinite choice on how to spend time together. He wanted to build a world where anyone could be around the corner from their friends and be able to experience engaging things together. 

While Rec Room can most simply be described as a virtual reality game, it is actually an immersive platform that allows users to play and create together in an almost limitless number of digital “rooms.” There are more than 700,000 rooms created by the community featuring charades games, 3D versions of Super Mario maps, open mic nights, and even wedding ceremonies. Rec Room's users spend an average of 7.5 hours per month experiencing these rooms, with over 25% of users creating their own.

I expect many new users to discover and add to the entrancing rooms available in Rec Room over the coming months and years. This will be driven by the continued popularization of VR, through advancements like the recent launch of the Oculus Quest, and by new product developments, such as Rec Room's upcoming launch on mobile.

Nick, along with Chief Creative Officer Cameron Brown and the rest of Against Gravity’s founding team, are the perfect team to bring a new level of connectedness and fun to the internet. They are a tight-knit group, having previously helped develop and commercialize HoloLens as a team at Microsoft. They’ve built Rec Room with tremendous dedication, hustle and resourcefulness, and we're very excited to announce our Series B investment in the company, which will bring their funding to date to $29mm. We hope that you'll join us in Rec Room and let your imagination soar!

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Published — June 12, 2019