Beamery, the company that has been helping Facebook win the talent war, raises $5m to revolutionize recruitment

Beamery co-founders

Beamery’s recruiting software allows companies to treat candidates like valued customers and turn recruiting into strategic sales and marketing.

Beamery, a provider of recruiting software that transforms the way companies hire the best talent, has raised $5 million funding from Index Ventures with participation from Edenred Capital Partners, GP Ventures and LocalGlobe. The company has also announced that its customers include some of the world’s biggest tech companies, retailers and consumer businesses including Facebook, Dropbox, Criteo, Github and VMware, as well as House of Fraser, Shop Direct and Dennis Publishing.

Beamery is transforming talent acquisition for a world in which the best candidates are scarce and hiring the right people is business critical. Combining elements of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing software with artificial intelligence, Beamery turns recruiting from a reactive to a proactive function focused on continuous relationship building with top candidates.

Conventional recruitment is expensive and time-consuming, with companies often starting from scratch for each vacancy. Worse, because it targets only active candidates - those who respond to an ad or are on a headhunter’s list - it can miss ideal candidates who are not currently looking for a job.

With Beamery, companies can treat candidates like valued customers, building a relationship with them over time and keeping in touch in case the right opportunity arises. By bringing aspects of customer marketing into the HR space, businesses can proactively target candidates, protect and project the company brand and ensure that great candidates are never forgotten.

Beamery customers have developed a more efficient and effective talent acquisition strategy. Cost of new hires has fallen by 39 percent and time-to-hire is down by 31 percent.

With the new funding, Beamery will double its staff, and open a new office in the Bay Area. The company’s product development and engineering strength will remain in the UK, while building their go-to-market team in the US.

Beamery CEO and co-founder Abakar Saidov said: “Talent and HR used to be cost centers, necessary evils rather than unique advantages. In the modern economy, companies are starting to recognize that creating a world class talent function is one of most important differentiators to their success. Beamery transforms how businesses interact with talent, and is a primary system of record for this relationship.”   

Jan Hammer, Partner at Index Ventures, said: “Beamery is not another recruitment tool. They are entirely rethinking the role of a recruiter and changing companies’ approach to hiring. Companies that run on Beamery become highly strategic in developing relationships with top candidates and as a result outsmart and outpace their competitors. We’re excited to be working with Beamery in helping them achieve their vision.”

Courtney Erin, Head of Global Leadership Recruiting at Facebook, said “Beamery is a global tool that will allow us to capture everything and improve our strategic advantage for years to come.”

About Beamery

Beamery helps companies get ahead in the recruitment race by providing software that builds relationships with candidates. Using Beamery, companies can identify and engage with all possible candidates proactively and efficiently. Beamery uses machine learning technology and data insights to help companies create their own talent data asset that can be used for high volume recruitment or high-level placements. Used by some of the tech world’s biggest names and forward-thinking companies across retail and consumer brands, Beamery was founded by brothers Abakar and Sultan Saidov, and Michael Paterson, in 2014 and is located in London and San Francisco.

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Published — April 11, 2017