Behind the Scenes: Coalition

by Shardul Shah


At Index we work as one team, across offices and specialties, to perform expeditious & deep commercial, financial, and legal due diligence to support significant investment decisions. For a taste of that process, feel free to review the one-page summary prepared by myself, Kyle Harrison, Damir Becirovic & Mark Goldberg. We staple this summary sheet ahead of an internal investment memo that explores each section in depth, and complement the memo with supporting materials like raw notes from customer calls, industry experts, references, industry surveys, financial analysis, comparable public company analysis, and so on.

Hopefully, this gives you a glimpse into how we think, and I’m confident you’ll see why I’m so thrilled to support Joshua Motta & the rest of the Coalition team.

Shardul letter.jpg

One-page summary excerpt from our Coalition investment memo (Jan 2021)

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Published — March 17, 2021