Candid with Index: In Conversation with Grid AI's William Falcon

by Index Ventures

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Candid with Index is a series of video interviews featuring exceptional industry leaders in candid conversations with our team.

A little more than a year old, Pytorch Lighting has taken the world by storm. Our partner Sarah Cannon sat down with the creator and force behind it, William Falcon, CEO and Co-founder of Grid AI. In this candid interview, they explore everything from William’s roots, to his entrepreneurial endeavors, and passion for AI.

Born in Venezuela, William and his immediate family won the green card lottery and moved to the US to set up new roots in Florida. By the time William was a young teenager, he spent the majority of his high school years getting in shape to become a US Navy Seal Officer and later developed a passion for mathematics and computer science. William became a founder while pursuing his PhD in AI at NYU, and created Grid AI to give individuals and organizations the power to seamlessly train hundreds of cloud-based machine learning models.

Tune in for the full candid conversation below.

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Note – All safety and health guidelines for C-19 were practiced during this interview recording. To ensure utmost safety, all participants quarantined and were tested for C-19 beforehand.

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Published — Jan. 14, 2021