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Introducing our newest chapter of Index Audio: Hands On | In-depth conversations with startup leaders driving success, growth and strategy.

Episode 1 : "How genuine curiosity powers networking + The art of scaling team communication" with guest John Gleeson

Episode 2 : "Keeping a strong vision while you scale + How to leap to a startup" with guest Clare McClintock

Episode 3 : "How to get comfortable with chaos + Forging a path where none exists" with guest Emilie Schario

Episode 4 : "How interactive SaaS can tame media + The journey from Product to CEO" with guest James Ruben

Episode 5 : "When a marketer is your 1st employee + How to structure creativity" with guest Hanna McPhee

Episode 6 : "How to get access to true experts + Why cultivating future talent is key" with guest Sophie Adelman

Episode 7 : "Hands On Podcast: Why COOs are like wedding planners + The importance of being uncomfortable" with guest Inès Cheaib

Episode 8 : "Hands On Podcast: Bringing Open Source to Market + Journey of a First Time CEO" with guest Aaron Katz

Episode 9 : "Hands On Podcast: Don’t over-build, over-plan or over-hire + Eating your own dog food (literally)" with guest Dylan Munro

Episode 10 : "Hands On Podcast: The dumb things geniuses do + The value of a novice perspective" with guests Perry Klebahn & Jeremy Utley

Listen to Hands On on Spotify. Also available on Apple Podcast & Simplecast.

Index Ventures meets with powerhouses creating and building a better future every day.  This podcast shares stories from these rising stars - the movers and shakers of the world - giving listeners an authentic and substantive look at how startup leaders drive success, growth and strategy.

Hands On gets its name from the way we examine a broad range of topics while continuously shifting scope between an up-close and birds-eye view.  Like picking something up and examining it from all angles, with Hands On we look closely at how our esteemed guests have built companies, careers and relationships.

The conversations are relaxed and sincere, offering an invaluable glimpse of 'what's under the hood' - and what it takes to excel in spaces that tend to be uncharted.

Hosts Molly Alter & Bryan Offutt foster a candid environment where industry-leading guests speak freely about the challenges, breakthroughs and lessons learned that have shaped their growth both personally and professionally.  Predicated on open and enthusiastic dialogue, Hands On mines for gold as guests share their treasured insight and hard-earned wisdom in this intimate format.

Published — May 24, 2022