Index’s Mark Fiorentino Tells TechCrunch Disrupt Why He Remains Bullish on Fintech

by Index Ventures

Mark Fiorentino on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023.

Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, Index Partner Mark Fiorentino explains how the departure of “tourist investors for another hype-driven category” is driving fintech opportunities.

The past decade has witnessed extraordinary growth for the fintech sector: global investment has increased by more than tenfold, and the industry has now permeated nearly every facet of the tech ecosystem, from B2B SaaS to consumer payments.

Throughout this, Index partner Mark Fiorentino has been deeply embedded in the industry. He spent a number of years at Sripe working across various sales strategy, pricing and product roles before transitioning to an investor. During his five years at Index, he has backed high-growth companies including Revenue Cat, Pomelo, and Loop. 

Taking a bullish view on this year’s funding slump compared to the fintech inflow peak of 2021, Mark believes that now is a compelling time to invest in the industry. 

Speaking on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt this September, he explained: “The most fun part for me on the investing side is that the tourist investors have now moved on to another hype-driven category.” He points out that this has created a supply and demand disconnect, given the continued emergence of innovative companies in the space.

Watch the full discussion to learn more about the status of the fintech industry, including: 

  • Why a pure-play AI fintech application may not emerge anytime soon. 
  • How companies should adjust to adapt to the current funding landscape. 
  • Why emerging companies need to understand how different business models within the space will impact a company's ultimate valuation.
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Published — Oct. 17, 2023