Relationships That Reshape Industries: Index Launches $2.3bn in New Funds

Convergence. Artists Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton, of Sawdust, have transformed the Index hand icon to celebrate the launch of our new funds. They bring together shapes both futuristic and organic to embody the convergence of forces reshaping the global startup ecosystem – as well as the collaborative synergy between Index and the visionary founders we support.

Today, we’re renewing our commitment to entrepreneurs everywhere – the groundbreakers, the game-changers, the craftsmen and women obsessed with an idea and who will not rest until they bring it to life.

We recognize your passion and meet it with equal conviction. That’s why we’re adding $2.3 billion of capital to support you, with our 12th venture fund of $800 million and our 7th growth fund of $1.5 billion.

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Some people think venture is all about the money. For us, it’s all about the people. We build authentic relationships with exceptional founders, knowing that the rest will follow. Where’s the proof our method works? So far, 108 Index-backed startups have beaten the odds to reach a $1 billion valuation, 23 have surpassed a $10 billion valuation, and 57 went on to be publicly traded. Our portfolio has created 200,000 jobs so far, and will create 20,000 more in the next 12 months.

Dylan Field, founder and CEO of Figma, and Nina Achadjian from Index

Alex Wang from Scale in conversation with Index's Mike Volpi

Co-founder of Wiz Assaf Rappaport and CMO of Wiz Raaz Herzberg with Index's Shardul Shah

Right now, we stand at the cusp of a generationally significant transformation driven by three converging and compounding factors:

  • The rise of AI: AI is a massive accelerator to innovation, transforming the world as we know it – from consumer to enterprise, healthcare, and beyond.
  • Increasing tech experience: The critical mass of experienced talent who has worked in startups and experienced scale is accelerating knowledge transfer and fuelling growth.
  • Globalization of entrepreneurship: Whether you’re an immigrant moving to an existing hub, building in your home country, or setting up a remote-first business, there are now investors, talent, and support networks to help turn your ideas into reality.

These trends are laying entirely new foundations for the next generation of entrepreneurs, making it easier than ever before to create and scale iconic companies.

Now is a moment that reinforces our ethos and renews our commitment to our craft. Three decades ago, we were a startup with a crazy idea. We believed that brilliant founders could come from anywhere, be anyone, and exist in every sector. Since then, venture and tech have changed beyond recognition. But our north star remains the same. We don’t do deals. We back exceptional entrepreneurs, with table-pounding conviction. Just as they are obsessed with their craft, we are obsessed with ours – investing not in businesses, but in our partnerships with founders, from idea to IPO and beyond.

Vlad Tenev, co-founder and CEO of Robinhood, with Jan Hammer from Index

Jason Citron, co-founder and CEO of Discord, with Index's Danny Rimer

Job van der Voort, co-founder and CEO of Remote, with Index's Hannah Seal

When we reflect on why so many of our founders have chosen to partner with Index – from Wiz to Figma, Revolut to Roblox, Adyen to Scale AI – we find ourselves talking about being ‘scaled artisans.’ This sounds like a contradiction, but it speaks to our conviction that becoming a great partner to founders takes years of dedication to master. We do it because we’re drawn to the workshop-like intimacy of collaborating with entrepreneurs, shaping the raw material of their vision and grit through many cycles of failure and success. Index is not in the business of aggregating assets or facilitating moderately successful companies. Instead, we’ve spent decades figuring out how best to identify and coach truly transformative founders – those who have been put on this Earth to build their business and would be doing it whether they got funded or not.

Index Partner Martin Mignot at the launch of Scaling Through Chaos at Nasdaq in New York

Index's new Partner Vlad Loktev with Julie Bornstein, CEO and co-founder of Daydream

CEO of Roblox David Baszucki with Index's Neil Rimer

What’s more, Index practices our craft at scale. We have a global, multilingual team that works as one across the Atlantic – with offices in San Francisco, London, and New York, plus partners on the ground in Berlin and Tel Aviv. We cover ten time zones and 24 of the world’s top 30 tech ecosystems. Working side-by-side through the scale-up journey, from seed to venture to explosive growth, we forge deep and long-lasting relationships with founders and their teams wherever they are.

The world will change faster in the next decade than in the past thirty years. With our new funds, we stand ready to support entrepreneurs riding the waves of innovation. Whether you're an out-of-the-box founder, an operator looking for your next challenge, or an investor committed to the artisanal spirit of venture, now is your time.

Published — July 10, 2024