Strapi, Maker of Popular Open Source Software for Creating and Delivering Digital Content Across All Devices, Secures $10M

The Strapi team at their Paris office

Following impressive open source community growth, funding will accelerate the development of the most customizable and extensible Headless CMS on the market

Strapi, the open-source “headless” content management system (CMS), today announced it has raised $10 million in Series A led by Index Ventures, bringing the company’s total funding to $14 million. Strapi previously raised $4 million in seed funding in October 2019 with Accel and Stride.VC. The company hired former Docker head of community, Victor Coisne, as VP of marketing and also announced plans to open its first U.S. office -- in San Francisco.

Creating and delivering content to end-users is no longer just a question of implementing responsive design. Companies want their content to be easily distributed over different communication channels: websites, web and mobile applications, and connected objects. Through application programming interfaces (APIs), Strapi enables companies to efficiently manage the distribution of this content from a single source and personalize the message so that it is more suited to each channel.

“Traditional CMS that were introduced 20 years ago, have a monolithic legacy architecture that is difficult to maintain, often slow, and vulnerable to hackers while most modern CMS lack flexibility and ability to be customized,” said Pierre Burgy, co-founder, and CEO of Strapi. “Strapi is making content management easy, fast, and secure for everyone. With the help of our vibrant and growing open source community, we’ve created one of the most customizable and flexible CMS on the market -- empowering developers to quickly and easily create robust APIs powering millions of digital projects.”

“The proliferation of different types of content being consumed on a growing number of devices has created a lot of complexity. Because of this developers are taking the lead in building modern, custom solutions to make all content available anytime, anywhere,” said Ari Helgason, principal at Index Ventures, a global venture capital firm that is also the backer of Confluent, Elastic, and Kong. “We’ve been impressed by Strapi’s API-based open-source approach that puts developers in charge, and are excited to partner with the Strapi team in building the CMS that will be powering the internet.”

Strapi gives developers the freedom to integrate their favorite tools while reducing hosting and development costs. As a “Headless CMS”, Strapi provides “backend” functionality for mobile applications or any type of connected object. It is also particularly suitable for websites designed according to the JAMstack model (JavaScript, API and pre-rendered markup, served without Web servers). Strapi is designed to work with the most popular front-end frameworks including Gatsby, Nuxt, Next.js or any other static site generator, it supports most databases and can be requested using both REST and GraphQL.

By making the administrator panel and API easily customizable and extensible through a plug-in system, Strapi enables the world's largest companies to accelerate content delivery while building better digital experiences.

Notable angel investors and open-source experts are also participating in the round: Augusto Marietti and Marco Palladino, respectively CEO and CTO of Kong, David Cramer, co-founder and CTO of Sentry, Florian Douetteau, co-founder and CEO of Dataiku. Angel investors and open-source experts who also participated in the previous round included Solomon Hykes (founder of Docker), Guillermo Rauch (founder of Cloudup,, Next.js, and and Eli Collins (former CTO at Cloudera).

Founded in May 2016 as a school project in Paris, France by Pierre Burgy (CEO), Aurélien Georget (CPO) and Jim Laurie (CTO), Strapi is the number one open-source headless CMS with 25,000 stars on GitHub, 400 contributors, more than 1 million downloads and is in use at many Global 500 companies across all industries such as IBM, NASA and Walmart.

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Strapi is the most popular open source Headless CMS. Strapi gives developers the freedom to use their favorite tools and frameworks while helping editors easily manage their content and distribute it anywhere. The company is based in Paris and San Francisco. To learn more, visit

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Published — May 20, 2020