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Like much of the world, we are bearing witness to the violence and terror that the Russian government is inflicting upon a peaceful, sovereign European country. We stand in solidarity with Ukrainians, and with Russians who are equally appalled by the actions of their government in a senseless war that was not of their choosing.

Our priority is to do whatever we can to support our portfolio companies with team members in Ukraine. We have made financial and logistical assistance available to help them ensure that they all are out of harm’s way.

As far as Russia is concerned, we are taking steps beyond simply complying with all international sanctions. We believe it is necessary to cut off resources that would in any way support Russian state institutions, its regime-controlled media, and its financial system.

We are therefore committing not to make any investments in Russia until further notice. We will not co-invest with entities and individuals with links to the Russian regime. We will support Index-backed companies who choose to move teams and business out of Russia. None of the Index funds has any limited partners from Russia and none will be included in our future funds.

None of our actions are directed against the Russian people, many of whom oppose what is happening and are suffering its consequences. We are proud of the contributions of Russian citizens at Index-backed companies, and the work they are doing around the world to build a better future.

We will continue to work towards and look forward to the return of peace in Ukraine, and to supporting its rebuilding as a free and entrepreneurial nation.

We Stand with Ukraine.

Index has made a donation to the Ukraine Appeal of the British Red Cross, and is also matching employee donations.

Published — March 7, 2022