This Week In Startups: Sarah Cannon & TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm on the COVID-19 Impact


Uncertain times call for decisive action— an essential lesson our partner Sarah Cannon learned while working on Obama's economic team during the Great Recession. Here are her thoughts on an economic stimulus plan during these challenging times, in conversation with Jason Calacanis and TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm.

This Week In Startups: E1038 News Roundtable

1:04 Jason intros Alex Wilhelm & Sarah Cannon
5:00 COVID-19: Where are we now?
10:12 How would Obama have handled this situation? What are the proper next steps?
15:29 Sarah lays out her economic stimulus plan
20:29 How much has the political landscape changed over the last few months?
22:08 How would a stimulus plan work in practice?
24:36 What will change about the gig economy and healthcare coverage?
28:35 Will the average American citizen's perspective on the world change?
33:23 Alex shares his thoughts on the media's handling of COVID-19, and what Twitter's role has been during the crisis
45:09 Jason's theory on what we should do differently next time around, and it is applicable in America?
50:08 What is the endgame of COVID-19? How long will it last and how bad will it get?
1:00:42 Chances of civil unrest/chaos? Are testing incentives the best way to bend the curve?
1:10:14 Thoughts on WeWork/SoftBank news & why Sarah didn't invest
1:13:22 How Sarah is advising her portfolio companies during COVID-19, benefits of overcapitalization
1:18:42 Durability of SaaS revenue during a recession

Published — March 20, 2020