• Locations
    • Spain
    • Belgium
    • France
  • Date Posted
  • May. 25, 2021
  • Function
  • HR
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  • Fintech

Hello there, we’re Alan.

But… what is Alan???

Alan is the healthcare super-app offering personalised information, proactive care, care delivery, payment and post-care. Alan members access a delightful health insurance coverage bundled with innovative healthcare services.

  • Founded in 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian and Charles Gorintin, Alan became the first independent health insurance company in France since 1986 to receive a license.
  • Alan distributes its own health insurance plans to companies of all sizes as well as to independent professionals.

By providing its members with a delightful health experience and beautifully designed tools, Alan’s long-term goal is to deliver personalised and delightful healthcare to hundreds of millions of Europeans, and beyond.

As of today, Alan covers more than 155,000 members, representing over €100m of annualised revenue.  We recently raised a further €185m in a series D fundinground bringing the company’s total valuation to €1.4bn.  The team is 350 people, and growing We recently landed in Spain and Belgium , and guess what: the best is yet to come!

The challenge

We’re looking for someone to help us grow the team to go from 300 people to 400 in the coming months, and much further!

We’re open to any kind of experience or profile as long as:

  • You’re passionate about sourcing and you’re willing to grow in the function ;
  • You are an advanced user of Boolean Search, Linkedin, Github, Stackoverflow, or Google X-Ray ;
  • You have a collaborative hiring approach with the capability to align and involve multiple stakeholders in the sourcing efforts ;
  • You can build automated sourcing workflows.

Bonus point if you have experience in leading projects pushing for innovation in Talent Acquisition expertise (could be in diversity & inclusion, data analytics, using AI, disruptive sourcing means etc.).

The Alan Method

At Alan, we have a set of cultural values that translate into our approach to work:

  • We solve big problems, quickly, with focus.
  • We tell and share everything.
  • We grow as individuals while we are developing the company
  • We are also willing to offer Alaners a stimulating environment for people to focus on the essential: their work.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation packages, along with meaningful equity
  • A great healthcare program (yes, Alan)
  • Flexible and remote work environment
  • Check out our blog for more info: https://blog.alan.eu/