• Location
    • Paris
  • Date Posted
  • 16 Mar 2020
  • Function
  • Design & UI
  • Sector
  • Data

About Algolia:

We designers at Agolia believe that discovery is fundamental to the internet (and human) experience. Every product and business should be intentional about helping its users discover what they need in no time. At Algolia, we became search experts and developed tools and knowledge to support our customers’ search experiences, so that they can focus on what they do best. We believe that empowering developers to create great solutions for their businesses is the key to improving online discovery experiences across the globe. We’ve already created a suite of developer tools that lets people build amazing search experiences, and we are now excited to go beyond the search box and explore how our technology can power new interfaces in more contexts.

Product Design at Algolia:

We are currently a team of 4 product designers based in Paris. We are projecting to triple the team in 2019. As a group, we work closely with Product Managers and User Researchers to discover and develop the best products for Algolia. Our products serve a wide-variety of users, from developers, to end-users of search, and non-technical users. We work on a variety of projects, including: empowering developers with the tools they need to improve their search; defining best practices and patterns for end-users of search experiences; helping our customers make decisions based on their search data; supporting our internal teams and helping Algolia scale through tooling. We also collaborate and partner closely with the Brand Design team to ensure we all build seamless end-to-end Algolia experiences for our users.

As the Head of Product Design, you will take Algolia’s Product Design practice to the next level! You will lead and develop a team of passionate and autonomous product designers. You will work with your Product Management, User Research and Engineering counterparts to deliver the best user-centered products.

Your role will consist of:

  • Design the org for scale and efficiency. You will help the Product Design Team scale, by creating the structure and processes to grow designers and ensure we have the right mix of skills on the team. You will set the standards for design velocity and delivering high quality products
  • Mentor and coach. You will help your reports develop into the next generation of design leaders. You will also help them perform at their best, enabling their teams to grow and learn.
  • Build the team. You will work with design managers to attract, recruit and retain the best talent. You will help us build a strong design brand that enables Algolia to have a voice in the design community.
  • Create a strong design culture. You will help Algolia define its unified design culture and demonstrate it every day through your actions. You will embody and practice Algolia’s core values in the way you manage your team: grit, humility, candor, care and trust.
  • Scale design process and practices. You will work with design managers and our creative director to establish a methodological toolkit, and make sure it is shared, understood, and used throughout the team and Algolia. You will help us build and mature our design system. You will work with User Research and PM Leaders to ensure close alignment in our processes an initiatives.
  • Create a Vision. You will work with the product design team to create and develop a unified experience across products and platforms. You will also help us define and bring to life the vision for product design at Algolia. Finally, you will be a part of the strategic planning for Algolia and the product design team.
  • Represent the team for the organization. You will be the primary voice of product design inside and outside the company; sharing its work, evangelizing its success, articulating its vision and value.

You might be a fit if you have:

  • Have experience leading and scaling product design teams in a fast-growing environment.
  • Have extensive management experience and can effectively grow and train new managers.
  • Are exceptionally user-centric.
  • You’ve been humbled by your successes and failures in your past leadership roles. You see leadership as a service role and strive to support and bring out the full potential in your reports and the organization.
  • Can be effective working across time zones and cultures.
  • Can strike a balance between quality, speed, and vision.
  • Are adaptable and embrace change, have a growth mindset, willingness to own problems, a desire to make things better and a sense of optimism.
  • Are an expert communicator, and can do so effectively in written and spoken English.
  • You have experience building and operationalizing a design system.

We’re looking for someone who can live our values:

  • GRIT - Problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment
  • TRUST - Willingness to trust our co-workers and to take ownership
  • CANDOR - Ability to receive and give constructive feedback
  • CARE - Genuine care about other team members, our clients and the decisions we make in the company
  • HUMILITY- Aptitude for learning from others, putting ego aside.


  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Relocation support
  • Company Canteen (high standard)
  • Flexible work hours and unlimited time off


  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Coaching and sponsorship to participate and speak at leading industry conferences
  • Ongoing professional education opportunities through internal & external workshops, including public speaking, language learning (English/French)
  • Fun: we spend time together — team building, socializing and making tools that encourage getting to know teammates across offices and continents.
  • Charitable contribution matching
  • Unique referral rewards program: refer a candidate, and we’ll donate to your charity of choice
  • Corporate flats available for the first months of relocation and when you travel to different offices
  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • Team workouts
  • Meals & happy hours