Engineering Manager

Cockroach Labs

  • Location
    • New York
  • Date Posted
  • 16 Mar 2020
  • Function
  • Product Management
  • Sector
  • Data, Open Source

Databases are the beating heart of every business in the world.

Cockroach Labs is the team behind CockroachDB, an open source, distributed SQL database. We strive to build infrastructure that keeps pace with the world, so developers can focus on what matters most: building the best products. Come and join us on our mission to Make Data Easy. Are you ready to aim high and build to last?

The Role

We are looking for an Engineering Manager to help our engineers create technically sophisticated and innovative, products and features, as well as grow their skills and make an impact. As one of our engineering managers, we want you to help build a productive work environment for our engineering team, ensuring that resources are balanced appropriately, and projects support the overall business goals.

You will help engineers successfully navigate their day-to-day by providing them the resources they need, as well as access to individuals who can help them accomplish their goals at Cockroach Labs.

You’ll work directly with our engineering and product leadership to set the engineering roadmap for CockroachDB and our future products.

You will collaborate with managers on cross-functional teams to tackle people management challenges, but to also ensure the coordination of documentation, marketing, and product initiatives as we scale.

You will coach and provide direct feedback to your team to drive personal development and growth beyond just technical skills. Managing performance and making sure that our engineers are achieving their goals is key to retaining a high performing team of engineers.

You exemplify our core values of aim high & build to last, establish balance, be transparent about highs and lows, and respect. This is especially important as you begin to grow the team.

You are excited to bring your technical understanding and product architecture knowledge to Cockroach Labs and learn more about databases

You enjoy being involved in tech talks, community meetups, conferences, and hackathons and encourage your team to participate in events that interest them. Your engagement helps to strengthen our open-source community and increase our presence in the tech community.

The Expectations

In your first 30 days, you will become an integrated member of our engineering team. We believe that it's essential for you to take this first month to become familiar with our technology and our company.

After 3 months, you will be fully integrated into the team and comfortable contributing to CockroachDB's backend stack. You will start taking on your first few direct reports once you have a solid grasp on our product roadmap and priority projects.

After 6 months, you’ll be up to managing a team of 6-8 engineers and starting to grow the team yourself. You will be successfully making sure that each member of your team is working on projects that align with both the business needs and their interests.


You love building relationships and are responsible for the welfare of the engineering team you manage, including their professional development and growth. We are looking for managers that want to empower the team to achieve their professional and personal goals.

You enjoy working on complex technical products and have exposure to distributed systems, concurrency control, data replication, file systems, or SQL processing.

You are comfortable using programming languages like Go, C/C++, Java, and Python/Django. We use Go on the server side, but if you don't know it, you'll learn while you're here.

  • You have solid product architecture knowledge and grasp how a variety of teams interactions’ may impact it.
  • You have been exposed to performance management, understanding the importance of building an effective team that can function autonomously, while collaborating and supporting each other.
  • You work effectively across departments, ensuring coordination across teams and cross-functionally (e.g., with Documentation; Marketing; Product).