Platform & Infrastructure Engineer


  • Location
    • Mountain View
  • Date Posted
  • 17 Mar 2020
  • Function
  • Tech Ops
  • Sector
  • Business Applications, Talent

Are you interested in championing a product to make our work and organizations to be better? The science is clear: happier employees are more productive and stay at companies longer—everyone wins!

Who we are

Humu is building experiences—backed by science—to drive positive change in the way people and organizations work. We are a behavioral change start-up founded by Laszlo Bock, Wayne Crosby, andDr. Jessie Wisdom. We're a fun group with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the People and Product space.

What you’ll get to work on

Humu’s Nudge Engine™ deploys thousands of customized nudges—small, personal steps—throughout organizations to empower every employee, manager, team, and leader as a change agent. Over time, our nudges grow increasingly aware of the timing, messaging, and motivational techniques that inspire individual employees towards action.

As a member of Humu’s Platform & Infrastructure Engineering team, you will focus on the challenge of engineering infrastructure solutions for scale and performance while providing strong guarantees of availability to our customers. They will be responsible for delivering large-scale, high performance, fault tolerant solutions.

Where you fit in

We are committed to change the working world for the better by bringing greater meaning and happiness into everyone's working lives, everywhere. We are passionate about our mission, and excited to grow our school of fish with people who want to do the same - and people who will bring in their different perspectives to help us continue to shape our team and product. If this is you, we encourage you swim into our candidate pool!

The details

Role and responsibilities:

  • As a member of our Product Team, you will Design, develop, troubleshoot, maintain and debug the reusable, shared components of a software stack, including data storage, authentication and authorization, data ingestion and sharing, data processing pipelines, and software frameworks.
  • Work closely with the partner experience and people science teams to help realize user-friendly, robust, and thoughtful products for our users.
  • Design, develop, troubleshoot, maintain and debug the production deployment of our software systems.


  • 2 - 99 years of experience designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining software systems with API’s which are critical dependencies for multiple production systems.
  • Driven engineer that is motivated to build a great product and great codebase in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong communication skills with a growth and learning mindset
  • Experience keeping mission-critical services alive and running.
  • Experience working closely with product-facing engineers, scientists, user experience designers, or other non-infrastructure-engineering roles.
  • Preferred but not required: Knowledge of Python 3, virtualization technologies (cloud VM’s, Docker, Kubernetes, etc).