• Location
    • London
  • Date Posted
  • 24 Oct 2019
  • Function
  • Data Science
  • Sector
  • Fintech

A little about us

From clunky apps to hidden fees, banking as we know it is broken. So we decided to build a company from the ground that would challenge the bigger players and reinvent how people interact with their money — for the better.

Traditional banks are slow and expensive. Realistically, you’re nothing but a number to them with dollar signs attached. So, one continent at a time, we plan on changing this.

This may sound a little salesy, but we’ve signed up more than 2.8m customers without spending a single penny on marketing. It’s simple really: if you solve an everyday problem, you don’t need to spend a gazillion dollars on fancy marketing campaigns.

Our culture

To put it bluntly — it’s about getting shit done and owning what you do. We don’t hide behind fancy job titles or set up bureaucratic processes. Instead we treat our people equally, fairly and give them a ton of freedom and autonomy to create something awesome.

We make mistakes, we learn from them and we back everything up with data and logic.

In two years, we’ve grown to over 500 people and we’re adding around 30 new additions each month. From engineers to marketers, we’re on the hunt for exceptional talent to help us scale our business and get Revolut in the hands of millions of people everywhere.

We are looking for Data Engineers in two functions: Core Infrastructure and Algorithms & ML to push our teams to new heights.

What you'll be doing ✍️

  • Enforcing consistent quality by incorporating tests and performing code reviews with data scientists and data engineers
  • Experimenting and exploring new tools, libraries and technologies to improve our solutions
  • Supporting and training new and existing users of the platform

Core Infrastructure:

  • Delivering real impact to all employees by researching and implementing productionised architecture for core data infrastructure
  • Collaborating with product owners, engineers and data scientists to implement a seamless data platform

Algorithms & ML:

  • Delivering real impact to products and services by liaising with data scientists to implement productionised systems for quantitative models (with or without machine learning)
  • Collaborating with engineers and data scientists to accelerate speed of deployment

What skills you’ll need

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD in STEM (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering)
  • Fluency in SQL, Python, Unix/bash scripting. Bonus: {Java, Go, Javascript, etc.}
  • Ability to write easily understandable and maintainable code in many languages
  • Big picture thinking - how to productionize research and what problem are you solving?

Cloud: GCP


SQL {Redshift, Vertica, Exasol, PostgreSQL, MySQL, BigQuery}

NoSQL {DataStore, CouchDB, Redis}

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses

Production: Docker, K8s, multi-threading

Versioning: GIT, Jira, or similar


Interest in data analysis/data visualisation (D3 is a plus)

Experience with prototyping and sketching

Side projects or open source contributions


  • You’ll get to work in one of the hottest and fastest growing tech startups in the world right now
  • We’ll arm you with all of the latest tech equipment

Competitive salary

Private pension plan

Free Revolut Premium subscription

Free dinners