Build Engineer - Game Engine Core Systems

  • Location
    • San Mateo, CA
  • Date Posted
  • May. 31, 2021
  • Function
  • Software Engineering
  • Sector
  • Entertainment

As a Build Engineer for Core Systems on our Game Engine team, you will have an immediate impact on the building blocks of Roblox itself.  The software you will build is a very large and complex application that empowers our global community of 2M+ developers to push the boundaries of interactive gaming. Your work will touch every part of our build and automation systems, from the scripts that power the release process to optimization of the compilation process itself. If you enjoy working on cutting-edge C++ and automation software alongside highly-skilled and passionate engineers, you will be right at home on our rapidly-growing game engine team.

You Are:

  • Passionate: you love improving the efficiency of engineering teams, and you enjoy improving existing tools and authoring new ones
  • Service-oriented: helping others makes a day fantastic for you
  • Platform-savvy: you can jump with ease between Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and other platforms
  • Responsible: you create systems that work and keep on working reliably. You are thorough in your designs, rigorous in handling potential failure cases, and diligent in automated testing
  • Curious: you are keen to learn and grow, and stay up-to-date on technology developments
  • Programming language multilingual: You have worked with C++ before, but you are familiar with many others (Python, Lua, C#), and could build expertise quickly
  • Experienced: You have used CMake, MSBuild, Xcode and Ninja, or other related tools. You understand how they work and are comfortable working on scripts written for these tools. You understand how the C++ build process works and have ideas on how to reduce build times

You Will:

  • Develop and maintain the build system for the Roblox game engine, which will power the experiences of millions of users on the Roblox platform
  • Instrument and reduce build times for the Game Engine, in conjunction with other software engineers
  • Automate existing workflows on the Game Engine team, using tools like GitHub actions or TeamCity
  • Work on every application Roblox develops, from mobile phone clients to cloud-based servers
  • Self-organize your work and take ownership of projects throughout their full lifecycles