• Location
    • Prague
  • Date Posted
  • Jul. 5, 2021
  • Function
  • Design & UI
  • Sector
  • Retail

Being fully integrated is key to Rohlik’s strength as it seamlessly connects its in-house technology with operations. Rohlik’s software is end-to-end, powering all parts of its operations; from its online storefront, to demand forecasting, optimization of fulfillment operations, last-mile routing, payments, and real-time customer communications. This strength enables fresher food, faster delivery, and a superior customer experience.


  • We are looking for an enthusiast who is interested in news from web development and can bring it to our team.
  • Make technical decisions about web architecture.
  • Develop in TypeScript.
  • Write React components even using system design.
  • Communicate via RESTful API
  • Version in Git and write unit tests for key parts of the application.
  • Use Gitlab CI, CD in the future :)
  • Pass on your experience to others in the team.
  • Gain experience from colleagues in the form of internal training.
  • Collaborate with colleagues from backend, testing and product.

We like people who

  • You know TypeScript/JavaScript.
  • You know React and you understand how it works.
  • You will also benefit from other technologies (Next.js, Redux, Styled-components, Storybook).
  • You understand the build process (Webpack, Babel).
  • You have experience from a larger project.
  • You’re interested in web speed and know the most important metrics.
  • You are reliable and independent.

We offer

  • A well-coordinated team that develops with each other.
  • We work with the latest technologies.
  • Work on a project that is also used by customers in Hungary, Austria and Germany.
  • You will see immediately what you do with us - the changes will take effect almost immediately and your work really makes sense.
  • We co-operate with experts on web speed and accessibility (Frontendisti.cz, Poslepu.cz)
  • We profess an open corporate culture and flexible working hours.
  • We support education - the possibility of training, conferences, workshops.