• Location
    • Prague
  • Date Posted
  • Dec. 30, 2021
  • Function
  • Operations
  • Sector
  • Retail

Fulfilment Center Fit-out Manager is the forefront of the expansions of Rohlik Group across Europe we are planning over the next coming years.

Your responsibilities

Main responsibility of the expansion team is to develop new logistics locations in major European cities. We scout potential locations, analyse them strategically considering location and technical parameters, and negotiate the rental agreements.

We then organize the renovation and equip the warehouses so that our operations team only has to move in for the launch. This requires an immense team work of internal departments, external suppliers and service companies in order to build thousands of square meters of coolers and freezers, kilometers of conveyor belts and countless picking and pallet racks. To all of that we are constantly adding more and more automation to substitute human work with modern machines.

Main responsibility will be to ensure the smooth coordination of all necessary parties; to find the right partners and to ensure punctual launch with the rest of the expansion team.

Most of the time you will spend in our office in Prague with regular trips to the new locations. You will also spend time in our already existing warehouses in CZ, AT or DE to collect learnings and make sure we design the future fulfilment centers even better than the previous ones.

  • Coordination, creation and optimisation of the warehouse layout
  • Running tenders for suppliers of major technologies worth millions of euros (coolers, freezers, conveyors, racks, office/social rooms construction...)
  • Main point of contact person for the suppliers and local operations team of Rohlik
  • Negotiation of business and technical terms and contract preparation
  • Independent implementation of sub-projects, for example in the area of ​​automation
  • Continuous improvement and development of the way we build new warehouses.

Your experience

  • Ability to get the things done. You have to be smart, bold, persistent, pushy, and good with people to succeed
  • Experience in a similar job is a major advantage, but useless without the right personal characteristics and attitude. If you have less relevant experience, but passion to get into this topic, let’s talk.
  • Super-fast learner and high curiosity
  • Sense of detail and wide context thinking at the same time
  • Structured analytical thinking
  • High level of independence and ownership, excellent organisational skills and planning ahead
  • Common sense and ability to operate in unknown environments
  • Capability to tackle diverse problems, from high-level strategic to tiny operational, from pure analytics to soft sense understanding of people behaviour…
  • Passion for traveling - despite all the technology we use, many things can only be done well in person. That means on average 2 days a week across Europe. Sometimes we fly/drive there and back just for a day, sometimes it is necessary/practical to stay for a few days in a row. *There is a lot of flexibility to plan the trips so that it suits everybody though.
  • Passion for physical operations (Warehouse and Logistics). If you never wanna get your hands dirty and never leave a cozy office, this job is not for you. You have to be ready and happy to spend on average 2-3 days a week in the true battlefield, where the heavy lifting is done.
  • Stress resistance - launching a new company is tough, when it has physical operations, it is abroad and you want it fast and efficiently, it gets even tougher. But also very rewarding.
  • Very good English is a must. Czech/Italian/Spanish/French would be an advantage.
  • Experience in procurement or tendering is a major advantage
  • Experience with project management is a major advantage
  • Master’s degree, technical, logistical, economics or law focus helpful, but not necessary
  • Being innovative, passionate about new technologies and fit for the fast digital world

About Rohlik

  • Rohlik is the leading Central European e-grocer.
  • Already active in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Germany. And other countries are coming soon.