Staff Engineer - Data Warehousing

Science Exchange

  • Location
    • Palo Alto
  • Date Posted
  • 31 Mar 2020
  • Function
  • Tech Ops
  • Sector
  • Healthcare

How We Work

Our primary application is a classic Ruby on Rails codebase, with a little bit of React.js mixed in. The data warehouse is built around Redshift, with a variety of sources and tools including Airflow, Stitch, Segment, and AWS Lambda. We follow Agile Scrum methodology, but aren’t dogmatic about it - it just happens to work well for us. We track sprints in JIRA, have brief but effective daily stand-ups, and review each other’s code on Github.

We’ve worked hard to build a culture of collaboration, respect, and mutual support. We load-balance when needed and without judgement; we attend conferences and present new ideas, technologies and tools to each other as we discover them. We work smart enough to avoid late nights and long work weeks, but we don’t shy away from putting in extra hours when a critical mission requires it. We take time off to recharge when we need to.

What you'll do

  • Work closely with the product, finance, business, and executive teams to design and implement our data warehouse and analytics products for both internal teams and external customers
  • Execute on user stories presented by the product team to bring new and/or improved features to our users
  • Design and implement systems that solve critical problems for our customers and our business
  • Refactor and refine existing systems for scalability, maintainability and reliability
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to less experienced teammates
  • Improve internal tools to make other teams in the company more efficient
  • Present technical concepts, challenges, and solutions to non-technical stakeholders clearly and concisely
  • Meet with external clients and partners to discuss technical integration details (occasionally)
  • Write clean, secure, and performant code throughout the stack, from SQL views and domain models up to Javascript and CSS

What you'll bring

  • 6+ years experience working as an engineer in data warehousing, preferably in enterprise software
  • Experience working with AWS and its database technologies: AWS, Redshift, Lambda
  • Experience with related technologies: Airflow, Stitch, SegmentExpert Python and SQL skills
  • Expertise integrating proprietary web based software systems with financial reporting and accounting systems
  • Experience with data visualization tools such as Chartio
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and startup track record
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Deep curiosity and determination to solve problems
  • Flexible approach and resilient attitude
  • Experience writing enterprise software
  • BS Computer Science or equivalent experience