• Location
    • Paris
  • Date Posted
  • Aug. 30, 2021
  • Function
  • Engineering QA
  • Sector
  • Open Source

In the digital age, content rules.

Production and distribution have shifted from the few to the many. We have all become the media, the media has been marginalized and brands are now broadcasters.

  • Everyone has a story to tell or something to sell. A need to create and connect, post and publish, showcase and share.
  • So, say hello to Strapi! We exist to fuel the world’s creativity and productivity by unleashing the power of content.
  • So we’ve built the next generation CMS that does exactly that. Across the full lifecycle and the entire stack.
  • It’s open-source. Javascript. Headless. Community first. And free. And will stay that way. Forever.

Job description

As a product-driven company developing open-source software, we are looking for an ambitious QA engineer to join our engineering team. Values such as humility, transparency, and being eager to explore and learn are necessary to enjoy this role.

Up until now QA was taken care of by PMs and product designers. Our team is growing and we want to put together a global QA strategy to sustain our product’s quality. Bringing in a specialist is becoming a no brainer.

You will be part of the engineering team, collaborate with developpers, designers, PMs and EMs. You will work on developing a QA strategy, test new releases and help engineers get better at testing. We also view your role as a valuable bridge between the User Success team and the Product team to help us establish a better communication and help prioritise bugs in the roadmap.

Building Open Source Software used by thousands of developers and users around the world means every choice impacts many businesses and developers’ lives. Our community is very passionate about the product and will be a great ressource to grow.


  • Testing the product before a new release with a different level of coverage depending on the criticality of the release. Identify and qualify bugs for the team to solve.
  • Write testing scenarios. Develop a global QA strategy.
  • Help engineers test better.
  • In collaboration with the Engineering and Tooling team, build towards an automated testing as much as possible.
  • Set up regular communication and processes between the User Success team and the PMs to help prioritise bugs on the roadmap.

Preferred experience

  • Within +/- 4 hours from Paris timezone. We will be open to remote positions anywhere in the world when our processes allow for enough flexibility.
  • Fluent English. We are working on strengthening our team’s English level to move towards full English in the medium term.
  • An ambitious person with excellent communication skills able to federate a team around good practices.
  • At least 2 years experience working in QA.
  • Experience with one end-to-end testing library: Cypress, Jest, Playwright, or Browserstack.
  • Passionate about learning, teaching, and helping others.
  • A love for well-crafted products.
  • Bonus: Knowledge of accessibility best practices.
  • Bonus: A tech background will help as our product is quite technical.
  • Bonus: Already worked/contributed to an open-source project with a community of users.
  • Note: you don’t need to check all the boxes to apply


  • First interview with Danielle (Talent acquisition manager) — 30 minutes
  • Live technical assignment with Marion (Engineering Manager) — 60 minutes
  • Technical call with Alexandre (Engineering lead) — 30minutes
  • Team meetings with 2 duos of teammates — 30 minutes x 2
  • Founder meeting — 30 minutes
  • Values assessment with Fanny (Head of People) — 60 minutes
  • Reference check