• Location
    • London
  • Date Posted
  • 14 Oct 2020
  • Function
  • Tech Ops
  • Sector
  • Entertainment


  • As Server Developer at Supersolid you will create scalable backend code for fun and engaging mobile games with millions of users.
  • You will work as part of a highly skilled team to develop new game features and maintain popular games.
  • You will contribute to our software stack, develop new services and create new games.


  • Write test-driven, clean and maintainable code in JavaScript for the Node.js runtime
  • Implement features in a way that is performant and will scale well with increased volume and concurrency of users
  • Monitor, debug and quickly resolve server and database issues on games in production
  • Create services and shared libraries to streamline development and live operations
  • Work in all phases of the development lifecycle with a focus on efficient and iterative coding
  • Be part of an expert engineering team with a coherent development approach and high level of technical quality

Key Skills

  • Passion for developing highly scalable web services that power popular games
  • Software craftsperson with a diligent programming mentality and zero tolerance for bugs
  • Excellent understanding of programming best practices and data-driven design
  • Experience writing automated software tests and writing testable code
  • Self-driven and excel at completing tasks in a minimally supervised environment
  • Able to communicate ideas from abstract game features to complex technical designs
  • Comfortable working in a small team on high impact features
  • Degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics or a related subject
  • 2+ years commercial experience in Node.js programming


  • JavaScript devotee aware of current ecosystem and upcoming changes
  • Experience working with databases, ideally NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Knowledge of commonly used web security techniques
  • Experience developing real-time client-server applications
  • Interest in Node.js profiling and understanding what makes V8 tick
  • Designed, written, deployed, debugged and maintained web services with 100k+ DAU
  • Devop with experience of cloud platforms such as GCP, Heroku, MongoDB Atlas
  • Fan of Kubernetes and containerization