• Location
    • Remote
  • Date Posted
  • Aug. 24, 2021
  • Function
  • Software Engineering
  • Sector
  • Fintech

Have a look at the Innovation department

  • At Swile, the Innovation department (80 tech) is divided into 14 feature teams spread over our 4 Tribes
  • Benefits (Employees benefits; gifts, cards, meal vouchers, mobility... )

Engagement (Praise, insights, messaging…)

  • Affiliates (our affiliate partners; restaurants / GMS brands / marketplace / e-commerce site, etc.)
  • Core (our cross-functional teams; security, finance, payment, engineering efficiency, platform, etc.)
  • Our technology is mainly made up of web developers experienced in Ruby / Ruby-on-Rails (40%) and JS Node & React (60%) technologies and frameworks, fullswift iOS mobile side and fullKotlin Android.
  • The Swile platform is made up of several web applications and micro-services, each of which has its own database and API. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS and described in Terraform. We are starting a migration of all our servers to Kubernetes  Joining Swile means working on a service with very high potential, which is deployed internationally (LATAM), and which involves real technical challenges; scalability, user traffic, B2B2C, payment…
  • We are looking for Tech Lead in Fullremote !

Your team: Attached to one of our Tribe, you will be part of team of 4-7 Software Engineers. You will be reporting directly to your Engineering Manager and interacting with your tech and business stakeholders to define requirements and then design technical solutions.

Your role: You will be involved at first hand in improving the development performance throughout your entire feature team (production operations, applying best tech practices, developing new features, improving its quality, mentoring Tech Swilers to work more efficiently over time…) As a tech lead, you will be responsible for the design and delivery of systems to enable our business’ growth.

Your mission :

  • review framing done by developers to detect scaling or security risks
  • assist developers on complex PR and carry out of technical problems
  • doing “random” code review, push good code quality and security practices and experiment new technical solutions to improve the quality of the platform
  • organize meetings and guilds to level up our developer skills, also promote and industrialize software quality processes
  • collaborate with managers to check or edit roadmaps
  • share knowledges and experiences with other tech members
  • come up with concrete ideas and plans to improve Developer Experience

Preferred experience

  • 6-10+ years of experience in software engineering as an individual contributor and +3 years on technical leadership, coaching and mentoring of engineers
  • A good experience with several software programming languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Python…), shell scripting, source control (Git)
  • A significant background with cloud computing, microservice architecture, API, message queues (Kafka, RabbitMQ, …), virtualization/containerization; Docker, Kubernetes
  • A love for technical challenges and problem-solving and tracking record of delivering successful high-scale applications
  • An open-mindset and to be curious, self-organized, like sharing best practices to educate within and outside of the company (guild, talks, meetup…)
  • Ability to understand business needs and interact with no-technical stakeholders.
  • Capacity of adaptation to respond to the needs of a fast-changing environment.
  • Our culture tech will match with your ambitions if you like…
  • Rigor and evolving in a context guided by good practices (clean code, testing, design patterns, SOLID principles …)
  • Working with teams, even remotely, and fostering a fun, healthy, and collaborative team dynamic
  • The concept of learning/sharing/mentoring (guild, devops, monitoring, meet-up, conf …)
  • The challenges linked to technical issues of scalability and microservices
  • To have ownership over your teams and your projects (no PO / PM at Swile!)
  • The idea of building a fully real-time platform for hundreds of thousands users across the word
  • Having lots of different contacts: support team, finance, marketing, sales …

Our values

  • We are Team-Players : we succeed as a team! Learning, growing and taking off all together is what is driving us on a daily basis
  • We are Doers : being creative, curious, and wanting to build things with a test and learn mindset, this is who we are!
  • We move Fast : the ability to be organized and adaptable enough to innovate and keep our technological advance in the market!
  • We Stay Hungry : our ambition has no limit, and this requires humility, questioning, and the will to always set higher objectives!
  • We are Ambassadors : as we are the first users of our product and daily users, speaking about Swile is always a pleasure! We love our product!
  • We cherish our Values : very committed, Swilers are all very endeavored to maintain our culture
  • These values are very tangible, from Montpellier to São Paulo, from Monday to Sunday, we are living a one in a lifetime entrepreneurial experience that brings us together around a product that we use everyday, creating an amazing feedback culture!
  • Video screen: 20-30 minutes (Tech Recruiter x candidate)
  • Hiring manager interview: 1 hour with Cyril Champier (evaluation of soft/hard skills, teamfit, background, team/job informations) & Tech Recruiter
  • Tech case: 1h30 Peer programming test + 1h Architecture with 2 developers
  • Swil’interview: 45 minutes / During this stage all our Swilers can be called upon and contribute to the assessment of the skills of our candidates (focus on culture and values). The interviewers will be able to meet the candidates without cognitive bias and have constructive feedback on their interpersonal skills and know-how. Involving all of our employees in the success of our recruitments is an integral part of our culture and our values
  • Final Round: 45 minutes / CTO or Tribe Director Interview