• Location
    • San Francisco
  • Date Posted
  • Jun. 29, 2021
  • Function
  • Software Engineering
  • Sector
  • Data

As a Software Engineer at Transcend, you will help us build and maintain the core Transcend application, as well as contribute to new products and initiatives, such as:

Data Privacy Infrastructure: This is our bread-and-butter. We help companies process data requests from their customers by directly integrating with 3rd party systems through a proxy application called Sombra, which encrypts the data end-to-end. You’ll work closely with this application and build integration-related features on top of it.

Expand the integrations catalog (from hundreds to thousands!): We need to figure out how to build integrations faster and more reliably. To this end, you’ll help us optimize our deployment pipeline and devise better testing strategies.

Consent Management: A firewall for the frontend, which will regulate requests (and therefore data collection) based on the user’s privacy preferences. Watch our PEPR talk to learn more!

Data Mapping: A tool for discovering where our customers store their customer’s PII (personally identifiable information). We help our customers answer questions like: who are all the vendors that process sensitive information? What data is stored in our data warehouses? Can we be notified when sensitive data shows up in a new system?

Self-serve signup, expiry, and billing: We want to make it super easy for customers to try, buy, and use our product!

  • Collaborate and contribute to projects like self-serve signup and billing, Consent Management, Data Mapping, improve the integrations-building pipeline, etc. Note: the exact project will depend on which team you match with. Team-matching comes after the interview process
  • Work on building up our core UI components library and standardize usage across the code base
  • Implement customer-requested features and integrations
  • Proactively fix production and development issues