Julia Andre

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Julia joined Index in 2019 and focuses on investments across multiple sectors in Europe. She has a particular interest in enterprise software, SaaS and fintech.

Prior to joining Index, Julia worked for Palantir Technologies where she led software deployments and analytics use cases for enterprise customers in multiple industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, financial services, oil and gas.

Julia graduated with an M.S in engineering from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, and with an M.S. in civil engineering from Stanford University, where she conducted two years of mathematical research in anomaly detection.

In Conversation

How has big data background at Palantir prepared you to be an investor?

JULIA – At Palantir, I deployed enterprise software at leading institutions to enable large-scale analytics in industries like aerospace, finance, and manufacturing. These complex projects required me to identify the highest impact strategies for our customers, and trained me to be analytical and methodical. They offered me the chance to see how large enterprises think about data and digitalization and to understand their core pain points. Palantir provided great context for assessing the difficulties B2B enterprise businesses face with regard to sales cycles, impact attribution and operationalization.

What type of companies are you excited about?

JULIA – Because of my background in math, engineering and big data, I’m most interested in companies with a strong analytical or technical component. I mainly focus on B2B SaaS and fintech, but I’m genuinely curious and always happy to learn about other sectors.

I work with founders across Europe, but I especially enjoy spending time in France, where I grew up. It is a market that has seen a real renaissance in the last few years.