Olivia advises Index’s portfolio on identifying the most transformational software engineers, product managers and technical leaders for their teams. She leads Index’s European network of individual contributors across product and engineering, and identifies future leaders and technical founders. 

Prior to joining Index, Liv hired software engineers and tech leaders for both London and the US launch of G-Research. As Senior Principal at Scede – a company that specialises in helping growing businesses scale teams – she supported startups including Dixa and Graphcore in talent acquisition, with a focus on building engineering teams. This experience enables Liv to advise, coach and most importantly empathise with Founders in the Index portfolio.

Liv’s interest in working with startups began when she led Talent at Crowdcube. With only a year of previous experience in the industry, she had the fortuitous opportunity to manage everything from end-to-end recruitment to HR and performance at the burgeoning startup.

Liv is passionate about gathering insights on the market through talent movement and patterns. She believes there is a shift underway in Europe and we are likely to see a wave of software engineers taking a leap and building businesses early on in their careers.