Index OnAir: Fostering Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

with Dropbox’s Danny Guillory and Robinhood’s Cynthia Owyoung and moderated by Erin Price-Wright.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is top of mind for founders. We often get questions ranging from, "As a founder of a seed-stage company, where should I start?" to "What best practices already exist that I should learn from? How do I measure success?" One thing is certain - DEI programs should go beyond hiring.  Programs need to be applied across functions like sales, product, and customer experience. And from the employee point of view, it's essential to think beyond the initial hiring process to how employees experience promotions, company culture, and even daily life in the office (or virtually, as the case may be).
We are excited to be joined today by two exceptional leaders in the DEI space to share their perspectives, journeys, and advice on this incredibly important topic. Danny Guillory (Chief Diversity Officer at Dropbox), and Cynthia Owyoung (Vice President, Inclusion, Equity, & Belonging at Robinhood) in conversation with Index principal Erin Price-Wright discuss how companies can foster personal growth, inclusion, and equity across their organizations. 

Erin Price-Wright (Left), Danny Guillory (Center), and Cynthia Owyoung (right) discuss how to foster growth, inclusion, and equity at organizations.

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