Erin Price-Wright



Erin is an early-stage technology investor focused on enterprise software, with an emphasis on data, infrastructure, and automation.  She is especially interested in products and technologies that  increase resilience, foster collaboration, and support data-driven decision making throughout organizations.  

Before joining Index, Erin was Head of Product for Palantir’s data analytics and machine learning platform. She holds an MSc from Oxford in Mathematics and Computer Science, where she focused on applications of topology to machine learning and computer science, and a BS in Engineering from Stanford University.

In Conversation

What do you most care about when you look at a new company?

ERIN – Beyond obvious things like market, product, tech, and the motivation of founders, people and culture are very important to me. I like it when founders are thoughtful at an early stage about creating an environment that encourages ownership and diversity in thought. It can often feel less urgent than other things in a fast-paced start-up but I believe that it’s key to building a scalable business.

What’s something you learned in college that you still use today?

ERIN – As useful as CS106A has been, my architecture class really shaped the way I think about software. Elegant buildings and products don’t necessarily rely on simplicity. They harness strong principles that underpin design and development and express empathy for the user. The best buildings have what my professor called “beloved details:” human-scaled touches that artfully distinguish a space. In software, it could be beautiful dragging animation or a particular sound effect. Something that signals what’s important and creates a bond between users and developers.