With Job van der Voort, CEO and co-founder of Remote

Hannah is exactly the type of committed and long-term partner every founder needs. She challenges us to think differently about how to scale Remote, and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves.
Job van der Voort,

CEO and Co-founder of Remote


As a Partner at Index, Hannah focuses on B2B software and enterprise AI applications. She works with founders who are reshaping every sector of the economy by digitising workflows, automating manual processes, and transforming the services sector at large.

In close to a decade at Index, she has built a track record of helping visionary entrepreneurs from day one, and supporting them as their companies scale. She is particularly energized by founders who leverage technology to tackle daunting problems in large and traditional sectors that were previously deemed too hard to tackle. Her investments at Index include DataSnipper, who supercharge auditors; Remote, a platform to hire, manage and pay global teams; Multiverse, the company bringing apprenticeships into the digital age; and Fonoa, tax technology for global businesses.

Before joining Index, Hannah managed the consumer marketplace business for Ebay in the UK, and set up the General Merchandise business for Ocado. She holds an Economics degree from the University of Cambridge.

Hannah has worked with category-defining companies like Remote, DataSnipper, Multiverse and Fonoa.

Catching up with founder of Remote.com Job van der Voort

Hannah asks Job what motivated him to build the company, gets his take on the biggest challenges for remote organisations, explores how he went to become a founder after being a neuroscientist, and asks why he wanted to be a journalist growing up and what he learned about himself after becoming a dad.

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