Hannah Seal

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Having sat on both sides of the table, Hannah's business acumen and market insights are invaluable. She is incredibly dedicated and astute.
Sophie Adelman,

Co-founder of WhiteHat


At Index, Hannah focuses on early stage investments across the UK. She has a particular interest in marketplaces, consumer, productivity and back-office automation.Hannah joined Index from eBay, where she was responsible for the C2C business in the UK. Previously, she worked at Ocado, where she helped set up the general merchandise business, and at Roland Berger, where she advised clients across Europe on key strategic topics within the retail, telecoms and transportation industries.Hannah graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and lives in London.

Hannah has worked with category-defining companies like SeedLegals and WhiteHat.

In Conversation

How did your background in e-commerce from working at eBay and Ocado prepare you to be an investor?

HANNAH — At eBay, I saw the inner workings of the world's largest marketplace and how scalable marketplace models can be. I also saw the challenges and complexity of building a two-sided marketplace that has to balance supply and demand. At Ocado, we started from scratch to build an online-only supermarket. This is what the supermarket of the future will look like. Beyond this futuristic, automated warehouse, it was an incredibly customer-centric business. It showed me the importance of putting customers first and getting rewarded with loyalty and customer love. 

It’s been great being on both sides of the table as an operator and an investor. I love being able to leverage what I learned at those companies to help entrepreneurs.