Beyond the Resume: Announcing our $50M Series C in CodeSignal

by Nina Achadjian

Index Ventures Partner Nina Achadjian (left) with CodeSignal CEO and co-founder Tigran Sloyan (right)

Demand for engineers is higher than ever before, yet the process of evaluation has lagged behind. Today, a typical engineering interview consists of an initial screen, a whiteboard session or take-home test to assess technical proficiency, and other interviews to assess fit.

For a fast-growing company needing to hire tens to hundreds of engineers per year, this process becomes an enormous resource drag on the team, fraught with bias and inconsistency.

For a problem as pervasive and mission-critical as engineering hiring, there must be a better way. Enter, CodeSignal.


The CodeSignal team, also known as “CodeSignalites”

With CodeSignal, technical recruiters and hiring managers have a platform that feels like a simulation of the job. This provides the best indicator of skill and also creates a better candidate experience. Candidates can interact with code, files, a terminal, and a preview of their application in a persistent, fully configurable environment. In short, candidates have a similar experience to coding on a local machine, allowing the company to make data-driven recruiting decisions based on the core competencies that matter.

"For a problem as pervasive and mission-critical as engineering hiring, there must be a better way. Enter, CodeSignal."
— Nina Achadjian, Index Ventures

In the same way CodeSignal customers need to screen and evaluate engineers, investors need to assess potential in entrepreneurs. When I first met Tigran over 5 years ago, it was clear he was the founder best-positioned to reinvent technical hiring. Tigran combines off-the-charts intelligence with inspiring hustle. If he can get accepted to MIT after only learning English the year before, the sky's the limit for where he can take the company next.

We are thrilled to lead the $50M Series C funding round and support CodeSignal in their mission to help the world #GoBeyondResumes.

In an effort to #GoBeyondResumes, CEO and co-founder of CodeSignal Tigran Sloyan sat down with our partner Nina Achadjain to talk more about her background, and how she begins to evaluate potential in the entrepreneurs she meets.

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Published — Sept. 16, 2021