Catching up with Lenny Rachitsky

Index Partner, Nina Achadjian catches up with Lenny Rachitsky

After 7 years at Airbnb, Lenny gave himself 6 months to figure out what company he’d start next.

Throughout that time he reflected on what he'd learned, writing down key takeaways to avoid repeating any of the same mistakes. After posting those thoughts on Medium, the piece took off and it was clear people were interested in reading more. 

Fast forward to today and Lenny’s Newsletter has grown to 69,000+ subscribers with a thriving community around it. 

The name, “Lenny’s Newsletter” is not reflective of the real value it brings. In fact, it’s only named that because of the Substack default settings. Lenny is most proud of the community built around the newsletter adding, “ I don’t want to create this oracle of, I have everything you’ll ever need. So I wanted to get out of that as much as I could and create this place where people can help each other instead.”

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Index Partner, Nina Achadjian catches up with Lenny Rachitsky to discuss his journey so far and what he looks for as an angel investor.

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Published — Aug. 4, 2021