Despite wide adoption of voice+AI capabilities in our personal lives, this tech has been slow to permeate our business lives, until now. I'm incredibly excited to announce our investment in Gong! Here's why:

  • Voice, for the foreseeable future, will remain the single most effective way to sell. 1 in 8 jobs in the US is in sales and even before C-19, 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone. Now, sales conversations that used to happen in person are happening on Zoom.

  • “System of Engagement” becomes the new “System of Record.” The real data behind a deal sits in the actual conversations with the customer. Using and understanding voice, companies can have better insights vs. stale, infrequent, and often inaccurate updates from sales teams.
  • AI is finally good enough. Recently, models like GPT-3 are starting to outperform humans on comprehension. Better data labeling and ML models make it possible for @Gong_io to surface unique insights rather than "tell me what you're looking for and I will surface keywords."
  • @Gong_io is the clear market leader perfectly positioned to build upon these trends. They have invested in the best technology and team to provide revenue intelligence across the entire org. Congrats @banditmove and the entire @Gong_io team! Excited to work together!

Note: This post is based on Nina Achadjian's original Twitter thread, linked here.

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Published — Aug. 12, 2020