Hyperline Makes Pricing and Billing Radically Simple



  • Hyperline has launched by introducing a radically simple pricing and billing solution that solves two of the most critical aspects of running a business: setting prices and getting paid.
  • Pricing and billing have become increasingly complex with companies requiring bespoke models for different groups of customers. But with existing solutions unable to adapt, extensive support from engineering teams is often needed.
  • With Hyperline, revenue teams can implement and execute plans in minutes – no coding required – so that each customer gets the best possible plan for their needs, with the most suitable billing and pricing options.
  • Hyperline’s €4 million in seed funding is led by Index Ventures alongside a number of prominent angels and participation from Cocoa.


By Julia Andre

If you get pricing and billing wrong, you don't have a business. But getting it right is becoming a major challenge for SaaS businesses as B2B clients increasingly expect bespoke deals, flexibility, transparency and use-based options – relying on legacy solutions means leaving money on the table.

Across our portfolio, we see just how challenging pricing is. Companies often struggle to identify the best strategy and then find it difficult to implement. Pricing requires continuous improvement and iteration, but due to the level of work required, changes usually only take place every year or two. The result is a big discrepancy between the improvement of a product and updates to billing. This not only affects revenue and margin but also acquisition and client churn.

Hyperline removes many of these barriers by allowing new pricing models to be set up in minutes by revenue teams, without a single line of code. It is a platform that companies of all sizes can rely on – whether it be the world’s biggest software companies setting up complex enterprise partnerships, growing SMEs selling custom deals and entering new geographies, or startups A/B testing their pricing.

Hyperline’s founder Lucas Bédout is not only a talented engineering lead, but a pricing expert. As VP of engineering at Spendesk he led the tech team from launch, building a team of 100 engineers. He has strong technical skills and has experienced pricing pain first-hand at Spendesk, where he completely reworked the system three times – it’s of little surprise that the co-founders of Spendesk have participated in this funding round.

Put simply, by making pricing and billing one of the simplest parts of running a company, Hyperline is enabling companies to take a radically new approach to revenue generation.


Pricing and billing are becoming ever more complex as companies leverage modern techniques to optimize prices, and clients expect personalized deals, bespoke billing models and flexible, transparent prices.

Existing solutions have been unable to adapt, requiring companies to pull in engineering teams and divert resources away from product innovation to assist with a core business function. Hyperline solves all this by placing revenue teams in control so that each customer gets the best possible plan for their needs, with the most suitable billing and pricing options. With greater flexibility, organizations of all sizes ensure they capture revenue that they may have otherwise missed.

“Companies all over the world are experiencing the same issues with unwieldy, outdated billing systems. They need something different, something built around their needs that can grow with them, something that can adapt to rapid changes in the economic climate. That’s why we created Hyperline,” explains Hyperline founder Lucas Bédout.

Hyperline makes iterations on pricing and packaging dev-free, whether a company embraces usage-based pricing, recurring billing, add-ons – or a hybrid model. Revenue teams can implement and execute plans in minutes without any coding, and then easily adjust them at any time. Additionally, Hyperline connects with any payment provider to manage multi-currency or payment intervals.

Hyperline’s private beta is now live, with compelling use cases already emerging.

"As an API business, our pricing model was quite complex and I knew existing billing solutions would come up short and the implementation would delay our initial go-to-market," explains Jean-Louis, Founder of gladia.io.

“There are so many subtleties to be aware of when running usage-based pricing, and costly mistakes can happen really fast. Hyperline has a very short integration process and the ability to pull data directly from our system, so it was an obvious decision on our side. The product is flawless and customer support is out of this world, so we're really happy with the tool.”

Hyperline was founded and developed by Lucas Bédout, a former early employee and VP of Engineering at French unicorn Spendesk. Lucas guided Spendesk’s tech team’s growth as the company surged from less than 10 full-time employees to more than 600. There, he recognized the pain points that high-growth companies were experiencing with their billing solutions and was determined to solve their problems.

Lucas has built out a talented team, with leaders from top fintech, marketplace, SaaS businesses within the French startup ecosystem, including Spendesk, Malt, Shine, Pigment, and Payfit.

Hyperline made its debut with €4 million in seed funding. The round was led by Index Ventures, with support from several prominent angels, including Rodolphe Ardant and Guilhem Bellion, founders of Spendesk; Steve Avani, co-founder of Qonto; Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans, co-founders of Hexa (formerly efounders); and Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 World Champion. Funds will be used to invest in feature development, enhance the user experience and build a team of top engineering talent.

To learn more and sign up for the private beta, head to to www.hyperline.co.

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Published — June 20, 2023