Dino Becirovic

Dino Becirovic

With Bentley Hall of Good Eggs and Eddy Lu of GOAT

Dino is the ultimate player-coach. He hustles for you whenever needed and provides invaluable insights and perspective as you build your winning strategy.
Aaron Hawkey,

Co-founder and co-CEO of BallerTV

In Conversation

Where do you look and what do you look for in potential investments?

Dino — I look at a variety of industries, but consumer-related businesses are of particular interest. There’s something magical about building a company that touches millions of users and creates impact at scale. I look for writers, not bakers. Writers can produce something that touches people all over the world. Infinite copies. Unlimited lifespan. Bakers produce limited quantities of a perishable product for those in their immediate vicinity. I also look for disruptive founders who create new value chains, bringing efficiency to unproductive industries and redefining how technology improves access to goods and services.

What are some core frameworks or philosophies you believe in?

Dino — I place a lot of credence in base rates — specifically the odds of success in any endeavor. This greatly informs how entrepreneurship and VC should operate. Given the low probability of success, it behooves both founders and investors to be collaborative, humble, open-minded, opportunistic, and passionate in their pursuits. I also focus on process, not outcome. Sure, you may occasionally lose with a better hand, but, by staying true to your approach, you are guaranteed to win over the long-run.

Dino joined Index in 2017 and focuses on investments in consumer internet and marketplace businesses across all stages.

Prior to joining Index, Dino worked at Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, and Twitter. He graduated summa cum laude from USC with a degree in industrial & systems engineering.

Dino works with creative founders at BallerTV, Cue and Grailed.